When you are preparing to get a new job, you know you will have many interviews. It is essential to practice some interview questions and get confidence.

1. Why would you like this job?

This is an obvious question but is all too often done badly. This situation demonstrates some knowledge and research of the company and the job role.
Ideally, you should sell why your skills and experience should fit the role and suggest that you would like to develop your career in the job role.
Using specific details of the job role or company can help to impress the employer and make it clear that you have done some investigation and preparation for the interview.

2. What are your weaknesses?

Here is an opportunity to show weakness and what you have done to correct it. Naturally, do not choose something that would be a big issue to you being a good hire. However, demonstrating your willingness to improve yourself is a great way to gain from this question.

3. Give me an example of leadership in a team.

This is a common question and the interviewer is looking for a well-explained example from your previous experience. You need to clearly demonstrate leadership of others, potentially coaching others, taking initiative and potentially influencing others.
All of these attributes will vary depending on the company culture and the grade of your job. The leadership of a manager is far more important and they will look at the Leadership style adopted and your ability to manage others. Non-managerial roles will look at influencing and taking initiative.

Practice Interview Questions Examples

Remember to be sure to demonstrate the correct leadership skills, which could entail working with others. Few companies will be keen on autocratic styles in this day and age, so be sure to match your approach to the culture of the industry and company.

4. Why did you leave your last job?

This is a question that you must prepare in advance. A slow or nervous answer will make the employer concerned that you had an issue at the last job. Also, never talk badly about the previous employer.  

5. Do you have any questions?

This is a common question to end an interview and the interviewer is looking to see interest in the job and that you are thinking seriously about the company.
This is where you ask about career development, work culture and other professional questions. Never ask about holidays, sick pay, tea breaks and anything like this. Try thinking about questions before the interview, so you are not stuck in the interview and end up asking a silly question.
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