If you’re looking for a job then the chances are that you’re going to sign up for a recruitment agency. These work as the middle man between a job seeker and an employer, so often are your best possible chance of landing your dream job. Of course, there are other ways to find a job but this is often one of the most effective. If you’re going to contact agencies then it stands to reason that you are going to want to create a good impression. You want them to put you forward for jobs, and they’re only going to do this if they think you are worthy.

The Role of A Recruitment Agent

Before you can register with recruitment, you should really have an understanding of their role. They usually work for an employer who has paid them to find the best candidate for a job position. It can be a hard position to be in because there is a lot of pressure to find the right person. After all, if they don’t then they run the risk of their client not coming back and this is something everyone wants to avoid.

That said there is often competition from different agencies so they can’t always take their time to find the perfect person. Often they’ll interview you before a position becomes available so that when the right one comes up they can put you forward for it without delay. They rely on having a good pool of candidates to pick from for when different opportunities arise. This keeps their client happy and means that they get paid quicker, which for any business is always a bonus.

Imagine you are the agent. You have a number of people on your books and you’re feeling pressure from companies to find the people to work for. How do you decide who you are going to put forward for work? You’re going to want the best person for the job. So what are they looking for?

Experience – Make sure you highlight any experience you have when you apply, this will make it much easier for them to match you to job positions.

A Decent CV – Your CV is the best way to showcase your abilities to both the agencies and your potential employer. It is worth getting someone to look over this in order to make sure that it is perfect. Tweak your job roles and experience to make sure that they match the types of job you are applying for.

Flexibility – They want people that are willing to work hard and be available as and when they are needed. Make yourself as available as possible  – replying to emails quickly and ensuring that you are always on the other end of the phone.

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