Modern jobs of all types now require an excellent mix of skills. You will always have your particular technical skills that are required to do the specialist tasks in your job. However, there are wider more general skills. One of these is the soft skills group and is vital to performing well.

The Importance of Microsoft Office Skills

However, another group of skills that is a standard across industries is Microsoft skills. You may need to be proficient more in PowerPoint in one job than in another, but very few jobs now can allow you to have limited skills in Microsoft Office and you will need to consider this when applying for a job. The first question that you need to ask is what particular Microsoft Office Programme is likely to be most relevant. You should look to take training courses in Microsoft Office Training Programmes with Accredited Qualifications being offered. Ideally focus on the courses provided by Microsoft Certified Academies, as Microsoft police these colleges and ensure that the products are high level. In London, there is a Microsoft Certified Academy in the CBD that provides Accredited Microsoft Office Training and MOS Certiport exams.

Here is a guide to what different careers will tend to focus on most:

Word Skills

You will need to have Advanced Word skills in any job that involves a lot of typing, administration or writing. Therefore, anyone working in Content writing, media or news is likely to need excellent Word Skills. This is purely due to the high level of typing and word processing is done. Administrative Assistants, Office Managers and Office Clerks will also need to have advanced word skills as they will use the program for a variety of tasks. Anyone working in Legal Jobs will need the expert level of advanced skills as the production of documents in this field is complicated and needs attention to detail.

Outlook Skills

This program is the easiest to learn and has the fewest subjects to cover. However, anyone with email use will need some knowledge. The main requirement is for PAs and Executive Assistants when they use Diary Management and even adjust it to other time zones.

PowerPoint Skills

This is a requirement for anyone who is in sales and does many presentations. This could also be needed for PAs and Executive Assistants who are assisting managerial presentations. Accredited PowerPoint Training Courses can be found online or ideally in Microsoft Certified Academies.

Access Skills

This is a less common job skill, but it is needed for anyone who works with Databases.

Excel Skills

One of the hardest programs to truly gain advanced skills in but vital for so many jobs. Anyone that engages with numerical data will need Excel skills and the scope for learning is huge. Excel training syllabus and delivery can vary massively, so be careful selecting Excel Training.

All Office Careers and Jobs require Microsoft Office Skills

This article should guide you to understand the need for Microsoft Office Skills and keep them relevant to your career. Find out about CPD Accredited Microsoft Office Training at a London Microsoft Certified Academy.