Most of us use Facebook exclusively to exchange personal updates and photos with our friends and family. Some of us use Facebook as a leeway of our career exchanging only the professional side of our life. There are those who feel Facebook is too intrusive into our private life.
Many employers and recruitment agencies would often look at our Facebook in order to gain some knowledge of the candidate. Therefore it is important that we have positive and interesting information as it can influence any possible employer or recruiter.
The professional image on our Facebook starts with the photo which gives the first impression of who we are. So, no selfies, holiday snaps or photos where we behave in an uninhibited way. Obviously, we need to carefully consider what we would like to be viewed by the public so we should have Privacy Settings in place. 

Jobseekers Facebook can assist

We may want to ignore the Privacy Settings. In this case, we need to be discreet with our posts as anyone can find us if they search our name. But this may have positive results as anyone following up our CV or looking for staff, may find the values they are seeking. These values are important to the employer who needs to ensure that we fit with the culture in the office. We may balance our professional life with our private life which gives us the chance to portray ourselves in a more likeable light.
Facebook is casual and relaxed as conversations flow. It is a great way of networking where it is can easily switch from light-hearted chats to serious business over time. This opportunity should not be overlooked as it can lead to job referrals.
Facebook is an ideal way to market yourself. You may update your own wall regularly so ensure you endorse your experience, skills, any course you have undertaken (with regular updates) or, it could be, some task you were complimented about at work. Conversations with your Facebook friends can definitely promote your image and career.
You can also introduce and share the thoughts of others whether they are friends, family or colleagues. This can spread your qualities while strengthening relations.
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