I loved my job working at inputting data entries. I had been doing this job for seven years. The atmosphere and colleagues were great. The managers had very good managerial and people skills and they would often have all the staff out for a social evening. One of my colleagues and my best friend wanted a change of career so she extensively researched the various job roles, salaries and colleges offering courses. She opted for the legal field as the salary and benefits seemed very attractive. Following an intensive course which she found stimulating and for which she sacrificed her holidays in order to complete, she soon passed with a distinction. She also found a job as a legal secretary and was so happy that I found myself very interested in following her route as we both had similar likes and dislikes.

I enrolled on the same legal course at the same college. I found the tutors presented the courses in a very clear way for someone who has no clue of the law. They were also very helpful and patient. It took me longer than my friend to complete the course as I opted for the Legal PA training and undertook the ACLS Legal Secretary Course together with the PA course, and also had training in all the Microsoft packages to Advanced level. With my dedication, I was able to meet all deadlines and finish the course on time. I passed all the exams with flying colours.

Legal PA Skills

However, I did not find it as easy as my friend to find a job as a Legal PA. I had many interviews without any success although I had covered many interview techniques while on the course. Unfortunately, the situation had changed in the country as we were at the start of a recession and the job market was more or less stagnant. I stayed in my job with data entries with the hopeful expectation that the recession would soon be over. In the meantime, I continued to develop my touch-typing speed which I had started at the college.

One day, as I was walking past the college, I decided to drop in as they were so friendly while I was attending. They asked me to update and email my CV to them as they sometimes have requested from companies, for students who have completed their courses, to fill vacancies. I immediately updated my CV and emailed it. It so happened they received a request for a Legal PA and, with my permission, they forwarded my CV. The company requested an urgent interview as they were very impressed with my typing speed. Legal Secretary, Legal PA and Legal Administration like a high typing speed, so please be warned. This also means that you do have a lot of typing. If you prefer less typing, it is better to do Executive Assistant or PA Jobs.

Well, needless to say, I was offered the job. I started as a Legal PA to three solicitors and am now the Senior Legal PA to a senior partner. I have been with this company for ten years and am as happy as when I first joined.