The Netherlands is a small country with a high GDP and buoyant workforce, which makes many of us wonder what is it like to work in the Netherlands. It is easy to find a job in most of the cities in this small country. Amsterdam is a centre for many Banks and Financial jobs, but there are also respectable economies’ in other cities like The Hague, Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Utrecht. The Netherlands is one of the countries that have always attracted many ex-pats and immigrants to their small country. This is due to many factors:

What is it like to work in the Netherlands

  • The high standard of living and the high wages
  • A large number of jobs
  • The Dutch population able to speak English to a fluent level
  • The central location within Europe to enable travel
  • Open and liberal culture
  • Beautiful history and scenery
  • Great buildings

There are many ex-pats working at numerous large Dutch organisations that include names like KLM, ING, Unilever, Phillips and Shell.

However, what is it like to work in the Netherlands?

  • Good nightlife in major cities, especially Amsterdam. The Netherlands has a long history of immigration and a colonial past. Hence, there are restaurants from Dutch colonies like Suriname and Indonesia, but also great gourmet restaurants from across the world.
  • The open and liberal culture has created a vibrant nightlife with great bars, clubs and varied entertainment to make your stay exciting.
  • All of this comes at a cost, so please do not expect the Netherlands to be cheap. Costs can be quite compared to neighbouring countries.
  • Work culture is positive but not for everyone. The work culture is not to work long hours, but to work intensely and finish at around 5. This efficient focus on work and the balance that it creates in your personal life is very popular. This can be appealing for many who are new to working in Amsterdam.
  • Transport is great in that bicycles are encouraged, but it is not the case that public transport is always as reliable as the stereotype of a Germanic country.
  • Dutch can be known for being very direct and this can be a difficult culture to be able to handle at first. The key to remember is that many people will speak out when they are not happy with something. Directness can be a shock for many people, but it is comforting to always know exactly where you stand with your colleagues and if you really are doing a good job.

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