The IEAA’s main training provider in the United Kingdom is Souters Training. Souters is a specialist in PA, Executive PA and Executive Assistant training. At Souters you will be able to find the full range of our training courses.

  • Office Manager Courses
  • Administration Courses
  • PA Courses
  • Secretary Courses
  • Receptionist Courses
  • Executive PA Courses
  • Executive Assistant Courses

All of the courses provided by Souters in these areas are accredited by the IEAA. If you are in any doubt about the training, please contact us.

The majority of training in London is delivered at a Central London location:

Souters Training Centre
32 Ludgate Hill

Tel: +44 (0) 207 248 8987

Souters Training website

The training is delivered in a very central location. Souters Training in London has a long history of delivering training to high profile organisations from across from the world. Souters of London are offering by far the broadest range of IEAA training courses, so please visit their website to get more information.

Executive Assistant Courses London