The IEAA has combined with Microsoft Platinum partners and a Microsoft Certified Academy to produce a range of Microsoft training courses. Our Microsoft Office Courses for an Executive Assistant have been designed specifically to meet the requirements of an Executive Assistant.

Accredited Microsoft Office Courses

All courses aim to equip students with a variety of technical skills and knowledge needed to progress in their careers. Certificates will be issued upon successful completion of the relevant training programme.

We work with Microsoft Academy and Microsoft Platinum Partners to deliver our Microsoft Office Courses. This brings one of the most interactive methods of training, the interactive learning system has a virtual tutor inside the programme that instructs you, provides exercises and also gives you feedback. This interactivity enables you to gain the feedback and guidance of having your own trainer but without the restriction of having to study on a fixed schedule.

You can see a list of the Courses and Diplomas below. There are programmes that suit not only Executive Assistants but also PAs, Executive PAs, Office Managers and other types of office administrators. Our Microsoft Office training can also be taken as a part of other Executive Assistant Diplomas, PA Diplomas, Administration Diploma or Office Manager Diplomas. Please go to our courses pages to see details of them.

Booking Courses for others

If you are coming from a company or organisation and you would like to purchase several courses for yourself and/or your colleagues, please contact us as we can offer Group Discounts for multiple bookings.

Likewise, if you are looking to book courses for colleagues who are not Executive Assistants or Administrators, we can refer your enquiry to our Microsoft partners. Please contact us and we can refer you to the appropriate personnel. We work with a Microsoft Academy and Microsoft Platinum Partners, therefore, if you need to arrange Microsoft Office courses for other types of professions, we will be able to organise any type of training that is geared to all.

Online Microsoft Office Courses

For more information and to choose the course that is right for you and your team contact us directly.

Excel Courses