Microsoft Outlook Diploma for an Executive Assistant



The IEAA has partnered with Microsoft Platinum Partners to offer our students an interactive and state of the art training program in Microsoft Outlook. The IEAA Microsoft Outlook Diploma for an Executive Assistant is a great way to gain the skills needed to be an efficient Executive Assistant or administrative professional. Outlook includes diary management, travel management, email management and time management tools.

Our Microsoft Outlook Diploma is delivered online by the IEAA in collaboration with Microsoft Platinum Partners. This training course has been designed to ensure that learners gain practical skills, knowledge and confidence to use Microsoft Outlook to an advanced level.

Diploma Format

The training is conducted online using a live server. This means that the training programme will instruct you, provide assessments and correct your mistakes. This simulates having a personal IT trainer, the virtual tutor instructs, corrects, and offers examples. However, it has the benefits of online training, in that you can train when you chose from any place with an internet connection.

Microsoft Outlook Diploma for an Executive Assistant

Dates and Duration

A maximum of six months is allowed. The course can be completed long before this time. It is possible to begin and complete the course at any time.

Diploma Content

Beginner Module

  • E-mail working environment
  • Manage panes and folders
  • Create, send messages
  • Manage text in messages
  • Manage attachments to received messages
  • Attach files to messages
  • Use recipients from an address book
  • Reply, forward, print, delete messages
  • Use calendar, and contacts in Outlook
  • Use reminders window
  • Create tasks, note
  • Manage categories
  • Create appointments or events
  • Recurrent appointments or events
  • Customise the calendar
  • Print calendar and calendar items
  • Manage mail while you are absent
  • Add a signature to messages
  • Contact groups
  • Sort, group contacts
  • Personalise print style
  • Manage tasks, notes
  • Send contacts by e-mail
  • Customise views, ribbon
  • Record items in the journal
  • Best practice with an e-mail application

Intermediate Module

  • Sort, group and filter messages
  • Manage, search folders
  • Use rules to manage your messages automatically
  • Create templates (forms)
  • Manage outgoing messages
  • Message – Track options, follow-up flags
  • Organise, and manage meetings
  • Publish calendars
  • Quick steps
  • Recall, resend messages
  • Electronic business cards
  • Manage conversation view
  • Manage general e-mail options
  • Internet
  • Viruses
  • Outlook on the Web (OWA).

Advanced Module

  • Archive messages
  • Optimise the size of the mailbox
  • Export, import a folder
  • Manage data file
  • Manage rules
  • Dealing with Spam
  • Share folders
  • Group, share calendars
  • Create, and manage rules
  • Manage junk e-mail
  • Calendar groups
  • Share calendars
  • Outlook on the Web (OWA).

Course Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course. It starts at the beginner level and is completed at the advanced level.


    • Training is written by senior Microsoft Trainers in a Microsoft Certified Academy
    • Live help with your own virtual tutor
    • IEAA Accredited Microsoft Outlook Diploma for an Executive Assistant issued on completion
    • A practical course that includes many exercises

The outcome is an IEAA Accredited Diploma that will be issued by the Microsoft Academy, building your CV and career options.