Minute Taking Course



The one-day Minute Taking Course provides you with a systematic and technical approach to the taking of minutes at meetings; an explanation of the theory and practical workshops are provided to help cement your knowledge.

Minute Taking Course in Virtual Classroom

The course develops the skills needed to understand and research the subject(s) of a meeting, identify the key points and record them accurately, prepare and deliver notes that are to the point and clearly understandable, and create the necessary templates for formal minute preparation (templates provided on course).

Course Format

The Course is a one-day workshop delivered in a virtual classroom. It is highly interactive and combines tutor-led instructions with numerous practical examples.

Course Content

  •  Types of minutes and writing styles are available.
  •  Chairperson’s duties and responsibilities of the minute taker.
  •  Establishing good working rapport with the Chair.
  •  Creating an agenda – where to start and what other people will expect.
  •  Practical application of the agenda.
  •  Note-taking – practical exercises; Sorting information effectively and knowing what is important.
  •  What is a good set of minutes? Re-write poor minutes; Bad minutes: Feedback session.
  •  Overcoming the passive voice, correct tone, professional language, and questions and answers with our experienced trainer.

Additional Info

Organisations that want their employees to take group training can purchase this course. Contact us for details of our corporate training group prices.

Dates and Duration

A one-day course that runs from 10:30 to 16:30.


  •  Understand clearly what the minute taker’s role is.
  •  Understand the format and details that must be included in professional, accurate and brief minutes.
  •  Understanding the importance of the minute-taker and chair relationship.
  •  Learn how to prepare for meetings and take minutes
  •  Improve your listening techniques
  •  Develop your concentration
  •  IEAA Accreditated Certificate for Minute Taking
  •  Professional qualification to build your CV

Our Minute Taking Course is available as a part of the Executive Assistant Diploma.

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15th May 2024, 10th June 2024