The IEAA offers arrange of courses that are ideal for enhancing your minute taking skills. The IEAA Accredited Minute Taking Courses are designed to build your confidence in taking minutes at important meetings. The ability to write effective minutes is seen as a core skills for Executive Assistants, Executive PAs, PAs and many similar roles. Our courses offer delegates the ability to gain the confidence that they need to be able to attend high level meetings and take effective minutes.

We additionally offer courses that can develop skills to compliment minute takers. These courses include Speed Writing. The Speed Writing Course is designed for minute takers to gain a methodology to quickly record information that is required in order to take minutes. It is an easy to learn alternative to shorthand. The method will increase your speed and also your accuracy in note taking.

Minute Taking Courses

Advanced Executive Assistants may also benefit from taking the Company Secretary Course for an Assistant. The Company Secretary course is a more diverse range of skills. It covers a wide range of Company Secretary subjects and which includes how to deal with high-level board meeting minutes and the expectation of Annual Board Meetings.

Finally, we have a range of Microsoft Office training that will also assist you in your minute taking. Minute Taking in virtual meetings can require Teams.. Good use of Microsoft Word for longer documents that be used for minutes. Office 365 and SharePoint knowledge can be required to share details before and after the meetings.

Minute taking is fundamental skill for an Executive Assistant, and there is an expectation that all Executive Assistants should have an ability to take minutes effectively. Therefore a recognised certification can be beneficial to anyone who is keen to forward their career and get their ideal Executive Assistant position.