Today, more than ever, there are working business mums in London. This is possible primarily due to the unique opportunities provided by the integration of technology and interconnectivity in our everyday lives. New mums start VA Businesses every day, while other mum bosses are owning their online lifestyle working as bloggers, freelance professionals and more. Each and every day people are continuously improving on themselves while creating additional income streams for their households in the comfort of their homes. Whether you have two or twelve hours free from your schedule every day, there are dozens upon dozens of ways in which you can tap into your entrepreneurial creativity and get a better grip on your professional life. Here are just a few great new options for entrepreneurial mothers, widely available to households today.

Start a Blog, Vlog or Own your Social Media

You’d read that everywhere, but you should start a blog. It’s free, simple, easy, fun and can even bring you a decent flow of money each and every month. However, don’t stop there. Create a vlog for something you are passionate about and own your social media. Don’t think people won’t be interested in your lifestyle or in your hobbies. Create your own personal brand and sell it through the multiple easy to use platforms online. Once you have a decent following, there will be plenty of ways to monetize your content. Working mothers don’t always have to mean not being with your child for the most part of your day. It can be the opposite. Just make sure to have your own personal brand.

Create a VA Business

As aforementioned, there are a lot of new mums creating VA businesses, today. The prime reason for this is the high demand. Professionals from all around the world need a lot of help managing their businesses and brands. What’s more, the prime way they do so is through online services. With just a few hours of free time on their hands, working mothers are providing Virtual Assistant services to an array of different industries. It’s a great professional opportunity. Experience Executive Assistants are a natural fit for this type of VA service provider.

Work in SEO, Writing, Design and more as a Freelancer

Another great way to be part of the elite mum bosses group is to work as an online freelance professional. Each and every day hundreds upon thousands of projects in Search Engine Optimization, Writing and Design are outsourced or directly given to online professionals.

In fact, the freelance communities are getting bigger by the day, due to the fact that they present both companies and professionals with the unique opportunity to work directly with one another through simple platforms. What’s more, all you need to start doing the work you love as an online freelance professional is a laptop at home. It’s as simple as that. There are plenty of opportunities for working business mums in London and all throughout the world.

You can be a maker of handmade goods and sell them through eBay, you can write and sell your novels through Kindle Direct Publishing, you can work on programming projects, deal with Search Engine Optimization, work as a Social Media Specialist or even help someone run their business as a VA online. The best part of it is that it can be done from the comfort of your home, while you also care for your family, on your own terms and time.