The IEAA has developed a qualification framework for Office Managers to gain skills and professional qualifications. Our Office Manager Qualifications provide career progressions for Administrators and Office Managers.

Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Office Management

The highest level of the Office Management qualification framework is Level 5, which enables students to attain the status of a Diploma in Advanced Office Management. This will require the completion of the main Office Management qualification. This includes a mix of advanced business skills, administrative skills and management training.

Level 4 Office Managers

The IEAA Level 4 is the management skills for an Office Manager, it focuses on how to manage your work and team.  This training helps Office Managers to gain the leadership skills needed to work at this level. At Level 4 we offer both the Office Manager Certificate Course and the Office Manager Diploma.

Level 3 Administration

The IEAA Level 3 provides the administrative skills needed to work as an Office Administrator, Administrative Assistant or similar. These are core and functional skills for a career in office administration. At Level 3, you can take either the Administration Certificate or the Administration Diploma. Additionally, it will provide the opportunity to progress to Office Manager training at Level 4.

Office Manager Qualifications

The Office Manager Qualifications framework commences at Level 3, where the core skills are developed. However, if you have little or no experience in an office environment, we have a foundation course at Level 2. This enables students the ability to gain the Administrative and Office skills needed to work in more junior roles and also to move on to Level 3 and Level 4. Level 2 is an optional level. Most students opt to commence training at Level 3 if they possess the relevant skills or experiences.

All of these courses are available at our Accredited training providers on our training pages.

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