Personal Assistant Careers in a competitive job market like London are very difficult to stay ahead of other competitors for the best jobs. To give yourself the chance to keep your career going and developing, you need to give your skills a regular update. The key thing is that you can opt to do more PA type training or focus on developing new tasks.

PA Careers in the UK

This is the great thing about being a PA, you support a manager or company that will have a variety of tasks, which will leave opportunities open to develop new skills. Here are some of the types of skills that can be gained by a PA:

  1. Project Management for a PA: Project Management is a field that suits a PA. There are so many opportunities now for PA roles to assist or get some Project experience, but most significantly many new job roles require Project knowledge. Therefore, developing a Project Management skill is ideal.
  2. Minute Taking: Minutes are a key to a core PA role and the mastery of the skill is important. Your attitude and image in meetings will affect how well you do in your career, as it is the moment for you to get noticed.
  3. Social Media: Social Media is a requirement for business roles. Thus us a marketing function and it will be an opportunity for a PA to gain marketing exposure and great results that exceed the expectations of a PA. This will mean that you should really learn how to manage a Social Media account like a marketer.

These are just a few of the options that you have to try to broaden your skillset in order to promote your career and be a successful PA. It could also open the doors to a career in Projects or Marketing that you love.