How do I develop my career as a Personal Assistant and how do I adapt my skills to become a high earning PA or Executive PA. The key to moving up the career ladder is building a full range of all types of skills, including both a range of soft skills and more and more technical skills.

You should pay attention to CPD or Continuing Professional Development courses. This process of continuously seeking the courses for improving skills is so important. This does not mean that you keep looking for PA or Executive PA Courses. You should identify your skills deficiencies and where you need to focus to meet your needs.

Remember a broad range of skills will help you become more employable at higher levels. Therefore, focus on the Executive PA Job role requirements. This will mean some more soft skills and assertiveness. You can practice this alone or try to do some courses that focus on building your image at work and the soft skills required to move into management level roles.

Broad Executive PA Job Tasks

Executive PAs often get involved in more than a normal PA will do in a daily job and this is what they may end up doing:

  • Making Expenses entries to the ledger and managing a budget. Completing a Bookkeeping qualification is not needed. All you need is a quick and short course to build your efficiency with these more simple finance tasks.
  • Executive PAs may be responsible for Social Media Campaigns. This is not merely making a post, but managing the advertising on behalf of your company and acting as a point of contact. This is an area where you can excel and boost your career options.
  • Event Management. This is an area for Executive PA and PAs to get involved in high profile events and really make a difference.
  • Minute Taking. Developing the ability to Minute Take at important meetings will make you able to work for more Executives.
  • Human Resources. As you move up your career, your boss becomes more of a senior manager with HR responsibilities for large teams. You will need to gain a good core understanding of Human Resources to meet this requirement. A course in Human Resources could be ideal for you to develop yourself.
  • Microsoft Office. Improve your IT skills to the level that you are truly efficient and can manage anything. This will make the normal PA roles very easy for you and you will be able to easily handle a higher-level job.

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