Job markets have increasingly become more competitive, which has led to many professionals widening their skills and experience in order to keep on top of things. This has applied to the PA job market, which has seen PAs getting more involved in a wide range of areas.

Nowadays, it is common to see job applications and roles for PA that require Project experience, bookkeeping skills or other non-core skills, like managing an event or sales. We could just look at this in a passive way. This means that any PA will need to respond to the request placed upon us by broadening our skills.

However, the increased skills and experience that we are gaining can also lead to us being able to find new career opportunities or promotions.

So what can we expect from our career experiences?

  • Project Management

This area is exciting as it has grown a lot over the last few years. Project teams are keen to involve employees who are permanent parts of the BAU teams (business as usual), which often leads to PAs gaining experience in the areas. Projects offer PAs a career option that can be varied and interesting. It can also offer higher rates of pay.

  • Executive Assistant

Developing a good mix of skills and an excellent set of experiences for a PA can bring a better role. This is perhaps the most obvious route but it can highly be rewarding in every aspect. You will be privy to higher-level management, deal with high-level issues and get more seniority in your role. Naturally, the promotion brings more salary.

  • Virtual Assistant

Many PAs opt to work in their own businesses, giving them flexibility. VAs are a growing group of often former PAs who opt to change for independence and flexihours. You will often be working alone and the pay can be rewarding but there is a risk as you are going out alone.

  • Finance

PAs are increasingly managing expenses and budgets, which encourages some to seek more formal training in finance or bookkeeping. Self-employed bookkeepers, VAs offering bookkeeping or a more specialised role in a finance department. Again pay and job options can be excellent

There are many other areas not mentioned here, but you can see that there is no need to regard being a PA as not having options to develop. You can find out more about our PA, Office Manager and Executive Assistant courses online.