Today’s PAs and Administrators are more involved in undertaking and being the prominent person in project work as part of their role in the office. Therefore they need to be very competent with vast networking skills in and out of the office. In the office they will need strong skills in planning, overseeing and motivating the team so people skills are essential here as they may also be working with people outside of the office.

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As team leader they need to ensure the team players work together as a team; anticipate and deal with any conflicts before they escalate and, more important, delegate fairly. In this way they play a key role in persuading the team to build a healthy environment filled with trust, respect and co-operation. They should encourage their team to make suggestions in decision-making and they should always be willing to compromise to resolve issues.

The ideal way to build relationship with their team is to get to know the team in the workplace – this they already know – and outside the workplace. Many companies will allow a budget for informal meetings outside the office so they should take advantage of this as it will bond the team. Communication is essential in both environments.

As the project leader, they need to be assertive, have an in-depth knowledge of the project and foresee any problems likely to occur and, of course, deal with them effectively. The Project leader should always project a positive attitude which will go a long way in gaining the trust and respect from the team.

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To sum this up, success will be achieved by careful planning which is step-by-step planning.

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