This will show how important the preparation is for a PA to fulfilling the role and responsibilities of a PA in a business meeting. Without strong research, confidence and preparation, the meeting can be one of panic and errors.

PAs Role in Running Meeting

There are a number of tasks the Personal Assistant needs to complete in preparation for a meeting. A meeting can run for a number of hours so it is important that meticulous care is taken to ensure there are no interruptions. This means all paperwork needed should be compiled and photocopied for the attendees.
As the name implies, the Personal Assistant assists the Chair so she will be working closely and in complete harmony with the Chair. They will need to discuss the Agenda and see what is needed at the meeting. Obviously, she follows his instructions implicitly.
Discussing the Agenda means the Personal Assistant will have a good understanding of the meeting’s focus. As invitations are sent out to invitees in good time, they will liaise with her should there be a problem or update her on any projects for which they are responsible.
She, in turn, will need to update the Chair. People who cannot attend the meeting, for whatever reason, will send their apologies to the PA who will then inform the Chair.

Preparation For The Meeting

Invitation by email is a popular method with most companies. She will need to note the location of your invitees as she may have to include the phone number or extension should an attendee need to get in touch.

Before sending out the invitations, the PA must book the room for the meeting in good time so this is noted on the invite. The PA may also have to see to the necessary refreshments if provided; this could be ordering tea or coffee or just filling the coffee pot.

The PA should update her knowledge base by reading the minutes of the previous meeting and speak with the Chair if unclear of any points. It is vital that you have a clear understanding of all subject matter. She may have to research any technical subjects listed on the Agenda.
The research could be done from written material in the company or just by asking a colleague to give further details on it. This will greatly help her understand and be confident at the meeting.
There are some other continuous responsibilities that you should take care of; this includes monitoring acceptance and rejections. Thorough planning, liaising with the Chair and updating your knowledge of the subjects to be discussed at the meeting will ensure that you are fully prepared and you will find that you feel confident to take accurate minutes.

Minute Taking Course

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