Recruitment Agents are the main intermediary between you, a jobseeker, and the employer. There are others ways to get jobs, as many people will contact companies directly to find employment. However, the majority of jobs are placed via agencies. Therefore, developing a good working rapport with recruitment agents is very important.


“Developing a Working Rapport with Recruitment Agents Is Vital”


In London, the market is controlled by numerous agents. Therefore you will need to develop ways of impressing them.

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 What do Recruitment Agents Do?


The main function of recruitment agents is to act as an intermediary between organisations with vacancies employers and jobseekers. They work for the employer, who ultimately will pay their fees when they hire a suitable person.


This position can be difficult, as they have to be able to recognise candidates that are suitable for their clients. If they fail to do this and send inappropriate clients, they will risk losing their client.


Meanwhile, organisations are under pressure to fill vacancies, so the agent will risk losing the vacancy to another agent if they don’t fill it quickly. Consequently, agents will invest a lot of their resources in finding a pool of good candidates so that they can quickly satisfy the requirements of their clients.


The other huge advantage of fast placement of good clients is that the agents will receive their fees.


So now put yourself in the shoes of the agents, what would you want to see from candidates? Well the answer is reliable, relevant and high quality candidates that are easy to work with and place.  In this case, you need to present yourself to the recruiter in this manner. 
Jobseeker Advice
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Advice on how to make a good image to recruitment agents yourself:


1      It is easier to place candidates with relevant job experience. Therefore, you can make it easier for looking for jobs that match your experience.


2      If you are looking for a change, tailor your CV to highlight relevant skills and experiences for this type of job. For example, you are switching from Administrative Assistant to a Secretary. Highlight your administrative experience, office work and any supervisory experience.


Present a Good Image to Recruitment Agents

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3      Make yourself available for the agent. Always try to answer his/her call and get back as soon as possible. This makes life easier and also shows that you are more responsible.


4      Make your CV keyword heavy, so that the recruiter can easily identify you as a relevant candidate.