Professional Receptionist Diploma




Our Professional Receptionist Diploma gives you the full set of skills and expertise to be able to thrive in the role of a receptionist in a busy corporate environment.

Upon completion of the Diploma, you will receive a fully accredited and widely recognised IEAA Professional Receptionist Qualification which will bolster your CV and allow you to apply for roles in top companies with confidence.

Professional Receptionist Diploma – IEAA Level 2

Receive practical training from industry experts in order to give you an unparalleled learning experience that will deliver you a truly comprehensive set of skills. This will increase your chances of professional growth dramatically and give you the competitive edge that you have been looking for – all from the comfort of your home.

Course duration:

The Diploma last for two months, it comprises two months of online learning and a one-day virtual classroom course that runs from 10:30 to 16:30. It is delivered in a Virtual Classroom by an experienced Receptionist trainer. You can commence the Diploma at any time.

Professional Receptionist Diploma Content:

There are two modules:

  1. Professional Receptionist Certificate Course

                Client and Guest Care

    • How to make a charming, professional impact when first meeting clients
    • Establishing rapport and great relationships with repeat clients
    • Finding out and taking care of the client’s needs
    • General client care skills
    • Managing the reception area effectively and how to manage the expectations of colleagues and visitors

                The Ultimate Guide to Multi-tasking

    • How to handle telephone and face-to-face enquiries simultaneously
    • Organising and prioritising your roles to meet multiple deadlines in an adept manner
    • Effectively prioritising and organising the administrative function of Reception to meet business needs
    • How to manage to be under pressure and remain calm and confident throughout

                Build Your Personal Skill-Base

    • Learn mindfulness techniques to remain friendly and positive
    • Exude positivity with visitors in all aspects of soft skills, body language and tone
    • How to effectively use your voice and tone to assist visitors in a positive manner
    • Soft skills and self-awareness to focus on empathising with clients and deliver a high-quality professional image

                Dispute Resolution

    • How to positively handle confrontational or threatening situations
    • Diplomatic communication skills and expectation management
    • How to remain assertive and confident in taxing situations

                Telephone Manner and Management

    • How to effectively use your voice and communicate your company’s brand through tone and language
    • How to screen incoming enquiries for your colleagues
    • How to best manage calls that need to be put on hold
    • How best to put enquirers on hold
    • Filtering and handling cold calls and sales calls


    • Handling and booking couriers
    • Booking meeting rooms
    • Telephone system operation

    2. Microsoft Office Diploma for a Receptionist

This is a flexible study online training program that will enable you to develop your IT skills for a Receptionist career at your own pace. The learning system is developed in partnership with Microsoft Platinum Partners. The Diploma includes the following learning modules:

    • Outlook – Beginner and Intermediate Levels
    • Teams
    • Office 365 and SharePoint
    • Word – Beginner and Intermediate Levels

Benefits of the Professional Receptionist Diploma

  • International Certification from the IEAA
  • Gain Microsoft Office skills for a Receptionist
  • Gain a Professional Qualification as a Receptionist to dramatically enhance your CV
  • Dedicated training to cover all aspects of corporate or Professional Receptionist and Secretary roles
  • Kickstart your career and boost job options with your enhanced CV and qualifications
  • Greater confidence in your role and more effective at work
  • An awareness of how you can continue to progress your career

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30th April 2024