Whether you’re involved in project management as part of your job role or as a permanent career change you’re going to want to make sure that you know what you are doing. These days many executive PA and PA roles have a lot more project management demands within them, so it’s a skill you’re going to want to learn.
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The problem is that many people assume that project management is something that they’re not going to be able to do so they back away from going own this career route. This is a big mistake because it means that you are closing yourself off to a number of solid career choices. You don’t need set qualifications to pursue a successful career in project management.
What Skills Do You Need?
One of the most important skills you need if you’re going to be involved in project management is organisation. You’re going to be in charge of diaries and all sorts of events and dates. You need to make sure that you’re able to organise your own life as well as that of your bosses. You’ll probably need to be involved in organising the diary of some of your team members too!
Depending on the industry you’re involved in, you’ll need different kills that match this. You might need technical skills on top of planning and scheduling projects within this. Most people find that their project management skills allow them to move from one project to another quite easily, as long as they have knowledge of the industry you are looking to be involved in .
It is also important that you are confident in networking with other people and acting as a point of contact. The chances are that many people who call your boss will come through you first, so you’ll need to be used to fielding calls and dealing with the accordingly. You should be happy to contact other businesses and industry experts that you need contact with in order to complete your project.

Project Management a career option for a PA

As organised as you might be, there are going to be problems that arise and that need to be resolved. It is important that you have problem solving skills  and are willing to get stuck in. You should be good at spotting issues as they arise and not afraid to deal with them quickly. A big part of your role is flexibility and known that you need to do lots of different roles rather than just one set role.
These are skills that you should have, but that can be taught and nurtured. If you are looking to move into a career within project management then an educational course for PAs and office managers could be a good way to get started. 
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