Project Management whether it is as a part of an Executive PA or PA role or as a permanent career change has become more common. However, too many Executive PAs and PAs lack belief in their own abilities to undertake the career of a project.

This is a huge mistake because you are missing out on what can be a very rewarding and varied career option. So now to dispel any rumours that Project Management requires specialised qualifications, degrees and a background in upper management. We will convince many PAs that they should pursue this career if they wish and are well-positioned to enter this field.

What are the Skills of a PA?

Diarising and great organisational skills: Any PA who is proud of being a successful PA will boast of the ability to organise the lives of their bosses, teams and themselves all in one. So if we consider this fact, do we think that this would make us good at projects?
The answer is of course a resounding positive for the PA. Why is this case? Projects technical skills involve extensive planning and scheduling and most project people move over from other areas into projects. Very few project people have a background in planning and organising in the same way that a PA can claim. This means that a PA would be a highly attractive candidate for a Project team.

Networking and acting as a point of contact: PAs are often the point of contact for their boss and develop networks all over different departments and externally. Project teams so often lack any insider knowledge of the organisation and acquiring a PA’s contacts can be a quick win for any Project team. This again will make a PA a very appealing candidate to work in projects.

Problem-solving: PAs are excellent problem solvers and often have to deal with any unexpected issues that arise in their roles or the roles of those they assist. This quality is vital in a project which is often bringing about change. When you are managing change there is bound to be something that doesn’t go to plan and experience handling these issues will make you an asset to the team.
Flexibility: Continuing on the same theme from before a PA can demonstrate flexibility which is vital in Project work.
These skills are only some of the transferrable skills for Projects that are possessed by a PA. Find out about moving into Project with a course designed for PAs and Office Managers learning the practical elements of Project Management.