Executive Assistant jobs can pay well and they offer a great range of experience and skills. However, there can come a time when an EA can start to be looking for another career and to broaden their skills.

Project Management for a PA

One career that is often a great career option for an EA is Project Management. This is more the case because there are many EA jobs on the market now that require Projects experience or skills.

Why are EAs becoming involved in Project Management so often?

  • There is an upsurge in roles for EAs that involve an aspect of Project work
  • Executives expect EAs to be able to devote time to Projects
  • Executive Assistant have many soft skills that adapt perfectly to working in Project Management
  • Time management and planning are some keys skills that apply to Project Management

The other thing to remember is that if there is a big project and the overall project manager wants the inside perspective on the mind of the management, who better than a well-connected EA to assist them in build that trust.

When you consider all of the attributes of an Executive Assistant and the skills and experience that they possess, it appears obvious that Project Management is a good outlet for their career skills.

However why is Project Management a good choice for an Executive Assistant?

One thing is that it is different and you will get to work in a wide variety of areas. This will be interesting compared to more sedentary careers and you build a range of new skills, so more and more doors will open in the future for you.

Flexible working in more common in Project Management and this can suit our lifestyles as they change and we do not want to be on call for a travelling manager at 1am.

Finally, the pay can be good if you gain experience and are prepared to find the high paying temporary Project roles. This is because it is a short term job and the pay is higher than a permanent job. You also can attain a management grade in some companies, if you chose to be permanent.

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