The IEAA offers various Project Management Courses for Executive Assistants and similar administrative professionals. One of the main courses we provide is an introduction to project management tailored to an Executive Assistant’s needs. The courses we offer provide the opportunity to gain new skills and confidence whilst gaining awareness of how to use their transferable skills in a project environment.

Project Management Courses for Executive Assistants

Project Management is an excellent opportunity for Executive Assistants to develop their career skills and gain seniority. This is because there are a large number of transferable skills that would enable EAs to transition to this field easily. However, techniques, models, and terminologies must be effective within the projects.

We offer a one-day Project Management Course for Executive Assistants. This is the most popular course and provides a thorough overview of key terms, models and frameworks. We also offer a two-day version of this course. The second day is more advanced and practical, allowing you to put what you have learned into practice and consolidate your new skills.

Additionally, we offer IT skills required for project managers. These include Microsoft Project Online, Power BI, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, and Office 365 training courses. If you want to gain these skills, our Microsoft Office Diploma for Project Management allows you to do so. This program has partnered with Microsoft Learning Partners and a Microsoft Certified Academy.

Training Courses

Corporate Training

Employers may also be interested in booking groups into Project Management training. We have delivered Project Management to corporate groups. This can be offered in a virtual classroom or live at your venue. If this is of interest, please get in touch with us.

Many organisations prefer to send their delegates to our public courses. If you prefer to pay by PO/invoice, you can book an invoice via request. This is only if your employer is paying for your fees. If you have several delegates looking to join one of our courses, don’t hesitate to contact us because you may be entitled to a group discount.

Some complementary skills courses may also be of interest to anybody who is looking to take Project Management courses. We recommend our Budgeting Course because it is useful for anybody working in Project Management. Controlling a Project’s costs is an important skill for any Project Manager. If you are planning events at work, please look at our Event Management Courses. These skills are similar to project management but have a slightly different focus.