Whether you are a receptionist, administration assistant, PA or secretary, it is your responsibility to manage and promote your career and highlight the importance of your job. To this end, you need to have confidence in yourself and your skills.

You should step back and take an objective look at your skills. Do you need to improve on these skills? If this is the case then you can do something about it by enrolling on a course. By developing these skills, you will find you have a newfound confidence in yourself. Of course, this does not mean you should stop here. What about the next step up your career ladder? You should be developing and also learning any skills that are needed in that job.

Office Careers

Taking these steps will automatically raise your profile in the office. Being professional, knowledgeable and courteous to all, whether senior or junior members of staff will earn you that respect that professional yearn.
There are people in your organization who like to have a role model.

Senior management can also find a quality in you that they crave. Colleagues at your level can also respect you. Junior staff will often follow your example and model themselves on you; they may even copy your style of dress. These are all well-earned points that you should be aware of and nurture.

You will now feel stronger and empowered. You will feel you can achieve more. With this newfound confidence, you will be able to achieve more. You will no longer be scared to try new things or take on extra responsibilities that once terrified you. You will now have a solid status for responsibility and excellence.

PA Skills

You will need to promote yourself so management will be aware of your skills. How can this be done? You may have taken it on yourself to enrol on a course in order to improve your skills. You should let management know of this whether mentioning it periodically or bringing to their attention of a certain task which you can finish quickly because of the course and you can also offer to take on more jobs.

You will be invigorated and happy at work. You are ready for that promotion. You are also ready for the job market with your new updated CV.

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