If you have read my blog earlier this month about relaxing and fighting the symptoms of stress, you may find this interesting. I have been a PA for many years and now I am teaching aspiring PAs, so I keep in touch with a number of past students. Here is some information on the executive assistant courses, I am currently teaching. I am aware that over the years, people are increasingly finding their PA roles more demanding. However, I felt that it was not fair to dish out advice to everyone without trying some of the remedies myself.

I had suggested exercise, yoga, green tea and happy foods. Well, I have naturally eaten some of the happy foods. I think most of us can vouch for the happiness a snack can bring. However, like many of us, I try not to overdo it so I can keep my weight. Likewise, I am already a green tea or herbal tea convert. I fell out of love with regular tea a while ago. I cannot vouch for the fact that it relaxes me any more than normal tea, but it does certainly give me peace of mind that I am doing something healthy.
Exercise is one relaxing activity that I partake in and I can definitely say that it is both enjoyable and relaxing. I have been seeing a personal trainer for 1 hour each week and the benefits are huge. I certainly forget about everything while I am there, as the sessions are quite tough. However, furthermore, I look and feel so much better for it. I can definitely recommend this form of relaxation.
One element that is new to me has been Yoga. I have tried Yoga many years ago, which I did enjoy. It certainly helped me with regaining my figure after pregnancy. I later tried pilates but lost interest after a few sessions for various reasons. On writing my previous blog, I decided to take up the advice of a past student and take an introductory Bikram Yoga Course.
This involves a yoga session for 90 minutes in 42 degrees heat. I have taken three sessions to see if I like it. It was certainly more intense than normal yoga which I had tried before and I did feel good afterwards. However, my first session was a real struggle with the heat. The classes were very popular and I think I may sign up to do more sessions, as I really started to get into it in my third class. 
I work as a trainer and have long hours when I am teaching. These forms of relaxation have helped me during my courses. If you are interested in finding out about the courses I teach follow this; Executive PA Courses in London.