Executive Assistant Qualifications

The Institute of Executive Assistants and Administrators is a specialist in Executive Assistant training that offers professional qualifications for Executive Assistants, Executive PAs and Personal Assistants. A different level in our Qualifications represents each level of career.

The Executive Assistant Qualifications ensure you have the complete skill set to succeed in your career. Once a student attains a Level, they are issued certified qualifications from the IEAA. You can learn how to take our courses by contacting our training providers on our training page.

Level 5 – Executive Assistant

The highest level of the Executive Assistant Qualification is Level 5. This enables students to gain the Accredited qualification of a Certified Executive Assistant of the IEAA. Executive Assistant jobs attract the highest salaries due to their specialist business skills and their ability to use managerial skills at the Executive Level. The main aim of the Executive Assistant’s role is to provide valuable business support to Executive level management. This will mean more extensive and advanced business knowledge will be needed. A wide range of training options is available to suit Executive Assistants from all types of organisations.

Level 4 – Executive PA

Level 4 enables students to attain the status of Certified Executive PA. This will require completing the main Executive PA qualification, which focuses primarily on developing skills required to function at the Executive Level. This is very popular, as it focuses on gaining the skills and confidence to work with and support high-level executives.

Level 3 – PA

Level 3 is the core skill for a PA, and the level will provide the skills to become a successful PA. This will make you a Certified Personal Assistant of the IEAA. This focuses on gaining the Office and Assistant skills needed to be an effective PA. These skills will need to be developed to develop Executive Level PA or Executive Assistant roles in the future. You can take Level 4 and Level 5 later in your career. This is the main benefit of our qualification for PAs. It offers opportunities for continuing professional development and us to help you build your career and earning potential.

Level 2 – Optional

The Executive Assistant and PA Qualification framework commences at Level 2, where the core skills are developed. This enables students to gain the Administrative and Office skills needed to work as a Secretary, Team Secretary or Receptionist. This is an optional level. Many students can opt to commence training at Level 3 if they require the skills and experience to skip Level 2. This is because Level 3 is the core skills level for a PA.

Anyone with doubts about the best level for their needs and level should contact us our offices. Our advisors are experienced in advising delegates on their ideal training courses.

All of these courses are available at our Accredited training providers on our training pages.

The Administration and Office Manager Qualification framework enables Office Managers and Administrators to gain qualifications to build their CVs and Careers. For details of this qualification framework and training options, please CLICK HERE.

To find out more about our courses and how to progress your career, contact us directly.