You have probably noticed that there is a big difference between a Professional Receptionist or Corporate Receptionist and an ordinary receptionist. This is partly because a Corporate Receptionist will be paid far more than an ordinary receptionist job.

However, this means that far more in terms of skills and experience is required. The level of professionalism of a Professional Receptionist is fundamental. This is because they are the point of contact for the organisation to the outside world. Therefore, companies are very selective about the qualities required for a Professional Receptionist. You should spend some time looking at the attributes needed if you want a Professional Receptionist Job in a big company in London.

What skills does a Professional Receptionist Job need?

  • Soft skills at all levels
  • Communication skills
  • The ability to manage many tasks at the same time
  • The professional manner at all time
  • Work under pressure
  • Deal with conflict
  • Customer care skills or client care skills
  • The ability to always appear in control and professional

However, there are many more skills that are needed to be a Professional Receptionist in London and a certificate is often needed. Each role can vary, but certain skills are always going to be an issue.

You need to be sure that you can manage Microsoft Office programmes to a high level. This will mean that you should be able to write business communication formally if required. You must also be able to diary and time manage calendars effectively for meeting rooms or visitors.

Receptionist Jobs in London

What is so good about getting a Receptionist Job in London is that they can pay well and offer options to progress your career.

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