I took a Maternity Career Break

After a career break of 8 years to start my family, my focus is now to get back into the working world. My working life before was quite hectic and I enjoyed my job and the challenges it offered.Returning to work after Maternity leave is hard, but a long break is more problematic. I had maintained contact with my colleagues who were encouraging me to return. My former boss always maintained that he will have a place in the organisation whenever I decide to return.

Although I would have loved to return and work with my colleagues, I was having misgivings and not at all confident to take that plunge into the working world. I had to take serious stock of what I have to offer and what was needed in order to build my confidence.

Returning to work

As childcare has been sorted with family on standby, I had to give some serious and honest thoughts on the options in order to fully prepare myself for the job market. After being with the children full time for many years, I wanted to keep building and cementing that relationship with them. I decided on a part-time or flexible job. Thinking outside the box often gives you a clearer understanding of the situation.

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As my old employer had offered me a job, I feel it would be appropriate to have a meeting and discuss this with him. I really need to know if there was still a job for me and the requirements for this position. Also, in meeting with him I can, in a diplomatic way, see if he will be receptive with me working on flexible hours or maybe from home some of the time·

Mums Flexi Careers

I may be able to work around them and still have time for the growing family’s needs. It can be a lot of juggling. Therefore, it is better to resolve these at this point so I can plan my return to the work force.

Another point I need to clarify is parental leave. Although this is unpaid, I need to know if I can take up to four weeks per year should I need this time for the unexpected such as to look after s sick child or to cope with any other unexpected family incidents.

Working as a Mum


Nowadays, working from your home is catching on with many companies. This means you can take some days or part days to work from your own home. This is ideal if you are using public transport which may sometimes be unreliable and stressful.

Another solution is job sharing. This means you will be sharing the role with a suitably qualified colleague. This may be the most effective way of managing your work – life balance.

I will be in a better position to have that meeting with my ex-boss. The most important thing is being able to juggle work and family without any unnecessary stress. Obviously the employer can only negotiate and agree if this ideal for this type of job. Find out about retraining for new careers at: www.pa-course.co.uk