For at least most of the 20th century, managers had secretaries, who were invariably women.  The role of the secretary began to develop into that of a PA. A modern PA does far more than just take dictation.  PA roles have witness a rise in prestige. There is also an increase in interest from men. Employers are certainly interested in male candidates, since they want the best person for the job regardless of gender.  Here are 3 reasons why becoming a PA can be a great career move for all people.

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PA Jobs provide excellent opportunities for networking

PAs generally act as the gatekeepers between their employer/manager and the rest of the world.  This means that not only do they get to know their client, often very well, but that they also have an opportunity to get to know they people with whom their client interacts regularly.  As a result of this, being a PA offers superb opportunities for building up contacts who will help you throughout your entire career.

Additionally, it is possible to gain insight into the business as a whole and the industry.  Gone are the days when departments in a company worked in their own little silos. They had little to no knowledge of what other departments were doing, let alone why.  Successful, modern companies, generally place huge emphasis on the importance of internal communication and working in a holistic manner.  This means that regardless of where in the company your role officially lies. A PA are very likely to have a chance to learn about the work of colleagues. Due to all kinds of different teams as well as engage with external parties and industry figures.

PA Careers develops and demonstrates valuable skills

Most jobs involve a mixture of hard (technical) skills and soft (people) skills, albeit in different ratios.  Contrary to what their names imply, hard skills are often much easier to learn than soft skills, which is why employers typically place a high value on candidates who can show that they have what it takes to build and maintain appropriate professional relationships.  Since PA professionals generally interact with all kinds of people at all corporate levels, a proven track record in this area is usually taken as a sign of outstanding people skills.

It allows you to cross industries and localities

These days PA roles are often seen as the starting point for a career in any given industry and for many people that is true.  At the same time, some people discover that, much as they love being a PA, they would prefer to work in a different industry or move to another part of the country.  Others may decide that they have the travel bug and want to spend at least some time overseas.  Skilled PAs are in demand across industries and countries.