Executive Assistant Pay Range

We published several the average executive assistant salary in many countries for October 2022. Our team used many well-respected job information, careers boards and HR bodies to compile the series of reports on the Executive Assistant Pay Range. As a result, we have details of Executive Assistant Pay in the UK, USA, Canada, Netherlands, France, Gulf States, and others. These publications provide information that can help our students and the wider public understand actual salaries in their area.

    Executive Assistant Pay Range

    Executive Assistant Salary Surveys

    All our Salary Surveys are updated annually to ensure that our members get up-to-date information regarding their salary expectations. We use highly reliable data from several sources to be able to publish our salary surveys. Additionally, the salary survey cannot measure the amount of non-monetary rewards and benefits that Executive Assistants receive. Therefore, Executive Assistants should consider these non-monetary rewards and benefits when considering a future role. Many countries showed that the Executive Assistant Pay Range was quite large. High-paying executive assistant jobs were often found in specific industries, and in some countries, they were found in only some cities.

    UK Salaries

    UK Salary Survey
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    US Salaries

    US Salary Survey
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    Netherlands Salaries

    Netherlands Executive Assistant Salaries
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    Canada Salaries

    Canada Executive Assistant Salaries
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    French Salaries

    France Executive Assistant Salaries
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    German Salaries

    Germany Salary Survey
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    Gulf States Salaries

    UAE Executive Assistant Salary Survey
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    Singapore Salaries

    Singapore Executive Assistant Salaries
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    Switzerland Salaries

    Switzerland Salary Surveys
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    Executive Assistant Salary Range

    Salary comparison shows that Executive Assistants can earn more in certain cities and countries. However, there are specific differences to consider. Some countries have greater expectations of discretionary cash bonuses. This aspect is unpredictable, so we have not included this part of the Executive Assistants’ packages. If the cash rewards are highly likely to be paid, we have added them as a side note. 

    Perhaps the most critical measure is quality of life. Comparing cities or countries, please consider the cost of living and disposable income. 

    Many Executive Assistants in high-paying locations have also complained that they have little savings due to high costs in the area where they are based. 

    Work-Life Balance

    Another element to consider is the level of work-life balance and the possibility of remote or flexible working; please consider this in your career moves.

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