An administrative assistant or admin assistant is one of the most needed jobs right now. The main role of this job position is to handle a huge amount of work for a team or individual. Most businessmen will tell you that an executive is efficient as his assistant. What are the skills of an Administrative Assistant?

In essence, this job requires handling administration inside a company, between other departments and colleagues. This is a job that requires the ability to work when deadlines are tight and to handle a lot of data per day. Successful and capable admin assistants can improve their skills and become assistants for officials with higher ranks. Anyway, some skills are mandatory. We can divide them into two categories.

Admin skills

These are two skill types linked into a single one. In general, an admin assistant must have proficient knowledge of computers. MS Office skills are simply mandatory, due to the fact a big amount of work will be handled with Word, Excel and etc. There are courses that can help you learn this software. In addition, fast typing is mandatory as well. You must complete writing content as soon as possible. Let’s just add the fact that receiving, sending and answering countless emails is something you will need daily. You may use specialized email software on well-known platforms. It depends on the company/business.

IT Skills

Letter writing is still needed, although some people believe the opposite. Keep in mind that this involves a business writing format, so professionalism and impressive vocabulary are more than just important. All, professional admin assistants have these skills that are probably equal to or even better than their officials!

Communication skills

Besides the aforementioned skills, an admin assistant must have communication skills. One part of them is related to phone communication, while another one is directly connected with real verbal communication. This is especially important if the job requires customer care skills. Your job will require accurate and precise answers, straightforward questions and the ability to help a customer as soon as possible. This skill can be improved over time, but some people are ideal for this type of conversation.


People skills are more than just something you should have. If you remember, we mentioned that the admin assistant will work with individuals and/or teams. As such, teamwork skills can help you increase your rank and become better in your job! In no case, you won’t be able to be proficient and successful in this job if your teamwork skills are above average. In addition, stress is a part of this job description, so make sure you can function normally even under huge amounts of stress.

All of these are the most important skills you will need. All of them are a must, and there is no point trying to work in this field if you have just one of them! As you can see, all skills are closely related, and being proficient in most of them can make you a great admin assistant.

Skills for an Administrative Assistant

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