Social Media is a huge growth area for marketing and increasingly businesses are focusing on developing their Social Media. Its primary areas are Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It does have numerous other platforms for businesses to use social media as well, each with its own characteristics, problems and appeals. Social Media skills for an Executive PA are important and must be adapted. However, it strongly interrelates with the SEO and PPC campaign of a company’s website and internet marketing.

What exactly is Social Media Marketing?

This is where companies seek to promote their company image and boost internet traffic through the means of social media platforms, like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

What is it about Social Media that has made it so popular?

Social media enables businesses to access the public in a very direct manner, which was previously impossible without a lot of effort. Social Media enables companies to engage with the customer, if they publish interesting and quality information they will be able to gain from the viral effect of social media. 

It is all the more effective because the word is spread instantaneously between individuals creating word of mouth advertising, which is the most effective. Therefore, it gives the ability to gain from the trust of word of mouth advertising cheaply. This form of marketing is what every company has always sought, but social media has opened up a means of proliferating it.

Social is also accessible to all and it is free. Many people have Facebook and Twitter account, as well as LinkedIn accounts. Social media enables anyone to be accessed and then when they see their friends interact with a company they are far more likely to remember the brand because it is a trusted person.  

Why is running Social Media good for a PA?

Senior management is keen to start social media campaigns either for their companies or for their own professional image. This is something that they will delegate to their PAs, as they do not want to spend time on it.
Given all of the benefits listed above, a PA has a great opportunity to promote their value to their boss. If it is successful, it will likely impress your boss who may not be of the social media generation. Therefore, if you are presented with the opportunity to run a social media campaign take it seriously and make sure that you run a good social media campaign. Take some time to look at our social media for PAs course.