Social Media Course



This Social Media Course is delivered in an online Virtual Classroom. Our trainers are experts in Digital Marketing and Social Media. They have run campaigns for a wide range of organisations and use this training programme to enable you to learn from their methods. The course shows you how to plan and control your organisational Social Media campaign. We cover campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Content Marketing and SEO.

Social Media Course

The course is tutor-led and is focused on practical exercises. In small groups, we give each delegate will receive some attention to their individual businesses. This course is aimed at Executive PAs, Executive Assistants,  Virtual Assistants and other similar professionals.

Our Social Media Workshop Course is ideal for anyone who is looking to start or maintain a Social Media Campaign, either for their own business or their employer.

Course Content


  • Overview of Twitter
  • How the platform works
  • Build your profile
  • Understand the business aims of your strategy
  • Build your campaign strategy


  • Build your manager’s profile
  • Use LinkedIn to network
  • Build a LinkedIn Group
  • Use LinkedIn Advertising


  • Setting up a page for Business
  • Understanding the Business Page
  • Build the Facebook profile
  • Build a campaign to coordinate with other platforms
  • Facebook advertising


  • Understanding the Business Page
  • Build the Instagram profile
  • Build a campaign to coordinate with other platforms
  • Instagram advertising


  • What is SEO
  • The importance of content marketing
  • Building your website SEO

Dates and duration

The course runs from 10:30 to 16:30 and has a duration of one day.

The course can be taken as a part of the Executive Assistant Diploma.


  • Gain a valuable skill.
  • These skills can build your CV and career
  • Very long-term skill as it is used to open a business or become more involved in the business you are working in
  • IEAA Accredited
  • Professional Certification issued upon completion

Additional information


19th April 2024, Book a future date