Speed writing and what are the benefits to developing this skill in the modern workplace. In the past, people have learnt shorthand which is quite a useful skill in an Administration role, but it is less commonly required in jobs than in the past. Therefore, new techniques have been developed that are faster to learn.

Speed Writing Skills

One of these techniques is speed writing, which was developed by a Legal Secretary teacher at Souters Training in London. This aims to enable you to record words and details your shorter codes and has been proven time and time again to enable people to take accurate notes, minutes and other such tasks in a very fast, accurate and efficient manner.

The skill can be developed in a short one day course and it will improve overtime as you practice it more. It focuses on the patterns that you see in the brain. When you read a word you often only recognise parts of the word and this method of speed writing aims to ensure that you can record information without getting all the relevant information.

Who is it for?

The speed writing method is a great skill for a wide range of professions. It benefits Legal Secretaries who need to record information quickly in meetings and observations. PA, Executive Assistants and Secretaries all will be required to record information from time to time, depending on how often they have to make notes or minutes at meetings. Anyone in Administration could also gain from this skill.

However, the variety of jobs that could benefit from the skills is far wider than this. It is also ideal for students who need to take notes extensively.

What are the benefits of the skill:

  • Faster note-taking
  • More accurate note-taking
  • The ability to record large amounts of information at a much faster speed.
  • Use the method to deliver all of your work targets faster, as it can be used throughout your role.

Find out more about speed writing training at www.souterstraining.com