Many job hunters avoid temporary contracting work due to several factors:

·        Short tenures in your CV can make you look undecided on your career path. If you are taking Temporary Contract you are likely to change jobs a lot.

·        If you are in temporary or fixed term contract assignments, you could risk missing out on opportunities for full-time assignments.

Temp Admin Jobs

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These are issues to consider, but the job market has changed in the last two decades. Many highly paid professional jobs are now contract based, especially with the rise of Project Management as a profession. Employers no longer look at long-term temporary workers as lacking commitment. There are tremendous advantages to being a temporary worker.

Benefits of temping:

·        Many employers prefer to offer temporary to permanent contracts, which means you could be passing up attractive permanent job opportunities by dismissing temporary contracts.
·        If you are out of work, this is a good way of getting yourself into paid work whilst continuing to look for jobs. You have a limited commitment in this role, so it is easy to move into another role.
·        Often temporary contracts attract higher pay rates than permanent rates.
·        The interview and candidate checking is less time consuming, so you can be earning quickly.
·        Every element of exposure can be great for your CV, so make sure that you don’t pass up the opportunity.
·        Temporary work provides you with flexibility in your work life, so that you can pursue other interests.

Issues to consider

This depends on whether you are still looking for a permanent position. If you are a temporary worker, without any intention of taking permanent position, you should consider whether there is any possibility of extending your contract.
If you are looking for a permanent position, you should focus on jobs where there is a possibility of going permanent.


·       Companies don’t want to provide any PA Training to their temps, so you will need to be confident your abilities to deal with your job. If you lack the skills and experience, you may find it hard to temp.
·        You are responsible for updating your own skills now, so focus on keeping your skills up to date. Many will take various courses or a Secretary Course, to ensure that they are fully competent.
·        Keep aware of the job market, so that you are sure you have the best available position. There is no point being a temp and being paid less than you are worth.