Being a successful Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant (VA) is the new buzz word around in today’s working world. So, what is a VA? The answer is short. A Virtual Assistant is an assistant who provides speedy and proficient support to busy companies, business persons, freelancers and even PAs via the Internet.
This is an exciting new career for someone who wants to be independent and make full use of the skills they gained whilst working in the commercial world. This new career is unique and tends, at present, to be a semi-competitive but very profitable business.
The change from working in a corporate administrative environment to the virtual world is not a smooth transition but, once you embark on it, you can soon be reaping the benefits depending on the services you offer.
Sound Administration experience combined with a solid network of business contacts are essential ingredients to the start-up of a successful Virtual Assistant business.  The business generated as a Virtual Assistant is varied and you will seldom have the same scenario with your clients. 
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The Key to success is the same as any business
However, having good contacts and good administrative skills are not enough. You need to be buisness minded and be clear how to maintain customer relastionship, find new business and close of new sales. Therefore, a strong client care focus and marketing plan are essential to the success of any VA.
If you become a Virtual Assistant keep reminding yourself that it is a business and that will require a professional spirit and discipline, as you will be working from home. These are the real significant signs of a successful Virtual Assistant business. Virtual Assistants also need some help to inspire, instruct and encourage them in order to succeed.
The Virtual Assistant will need a Business Plan, website, website hosting, domain registration and a bank account.
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There are a variety of roles that can be covered by the VA besides typing correspondence, reports, manuscripts etc to give that professional look. These other jobs can include market research using the internet extensively; making PowerPoint presentations more attractive and professional; editing and proof reading documents; all or some book keeping which can entail data entry, sorting invoices, accounts payable; managing the diary; organising meetings or events which can also mean visiting the venue and negotiating the room hire; dealing with caterers, planning menus for formal or informal dinners at a venue or at home; booking travel and hotel etc.This means that you may need to broaden your skill base to ensure that clients can find all the services that they need from your VA services, rather than looking elsewhere at larger VA companies.
Hiring the services of a VA can benefit the businessperson as they enlist their assistance only when needed. Also the businessperson will not have the additional expenses such as rent on an office, benefits, equipment maintenance etc. They only pay for the completed work, so you will need to bare this in mind too.
There are quite a few elements to becoming a VA listed here. Here is a VA Course that will help you to make sense of this industry. Click here for information.