Modern business is becoming more and more demanding on our PAs and Secretaries. This is leaving many of us very stressed. The song working 9 to 5 is truly a song of the past in more ways than one, we are now given blackberries to enable us to support our bosses who are traveling in Australia. Our normal hours are generally increasing even when our boss is in the office.

overworked working women
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Several factors have led to this phenomenon including globalisation. Many people are now working in global organistaion and work with colleagues on the other side of the world. Therefore, to speak to Sydney we need to get to the office very early and then stay late to speak to San Francisco.
This leads to modern PAs working long hard days. All of these factors lead to us feeling tired and stressed and even leading to illnesses.
Combat these issues
The ability to relax will help you to lose stress and contrary to popular belief this does not involve meeting a friend for a glass or two, after work.
1 – Focus on exercise
This is a natural form of relaxation. It also has the effect of detoxing and improve your health. Aerobic and cardio activities are particularly effective at detoxifying your body.
In relation to stress, your circulation improves and general physical well being. However, mentally the exercise is a great means of ensuring that you switch off.
2 – Socialise
Ensure that you set aside time to catch up with friends and family. Not only does this make us happier, but it is great to speak to people that are not always talking about work and deadlines.
3- Maintain a work life balance
Keep your work and life separate. you can establish rules on switching off your blackberry or not checking emails. It should not be the case that your work invades all of your life.
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