Many companies are downsizing and as a result staff is being asked to do more. For staff, this can be stressful, frustrated and drain their energy. Although you may not be able to control the situation, there are ways to effectively manage your multi-tasking day.  
Although you may plan your day and do your best to complete all the tasks by constantly prioritising and multi-tasking, you may not be able to complete all the tasks in the course of the day. You are not a super person.  
Review your finished work and ‘work in progress’ at the end of the day. The review should also include emails, telephone calls, meetings and diary meeting with your manager. You will be pleasantly surprised how much you have completed. Concentrating on the completed tasks will enrich your spirit with self-gratification whereas concentrating on the unfinished tasks will give a feeling that you did not do a good job today. 
 secrets to multi-tasking for a PA
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You should plan your work for the day by prioritising. In order to prioritise effectively you should ask yourself “what is the intended result if this action is taken or not taken? Can you defer or delete it? 
Can you reset the deadlines?” You also need to manage your priorities successfully.
You need to manage your time for any interruptions during the day. For example someone may ask for five minutes to discuss some point. If it is not that important to your work, then you can mention you have deadlines but will see them at a certain time later in the day. Many times they can find someone else for the discussion and they do not return.
Before you agree to take on any task that is not part of your job you should think carefully of how long it will take to complete the task and also consider any other pending tasks you have.
Manage your emails instead of them dictating your daily work load so set time intervals when you will read and reply to emails. Although some people tend to look for an instant reply, this is not necessary as you may lose precious time reviewing email. You reply on the same day but not instantly unless, of course there is an important message.
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You need to be aware of whether you are organised or not. Some people are naturally organized and others are not. Some people can multi-task with many jobs on the go while others can do only one thing at a time. PAs, secretaries, administrators and Office managers need to multi-task but should be very careful that they lose count of the many jobs they have started. 
Your job is not about making good money; it should also about having a good life. This means you need to balance your work life and your social life.  Wherever you spend your time, your motivation and your energy is where you will get the highest results.  
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