Executive Assistant Training in the USA

We have a large number of US and Canadian learners. From 2023, we will launch new IEAA courses delivered in US time zones. The delivery in North America is Virtual Classroom, which enables people from across the US and Canada to attend our courses. Our programmes enable Executive Assistants, Executive PAs, Office Managers and Administrators from across the USA and Canada to gain our professional qualifications, training and skills.

Our trainers have delivered training programmes worldwide and trained many administrative professionals from significant organisations across North America and various industries and company styles. We can arrange corporate training programmes in the US, Canada or Latin America.

Our accredited training provider in North America that can offer US and/or Canada training is the Executive Assistant Training Center. Please visit their site here: https://ea-courses.com/

Our accredited North American training provider offers virtual classroom training with certified trainers, online training courses and lives on-site courses. They can also work with us to deliver Corporate Career Development training programmes. You can contact us or go to the accredited training provider directly.