Use LinkedIn to get a job

Use LinkedIn to get a job

If you know that more than 200 million people in the world are without a job, looking for one may be even more important than you may believe. Here, you must use all your skills and all possibilities to get a job you deserve and the one that can help you have a life you really want. One of the latest but also the most popular ways to find a job is LinkedIn. It is a powerful alternative that has been developed especially for this purpose. However, in order to be successful, you must include all the points and facts mentioned below.

Relevant LinkedIn profile

Just writing a low-quality profile won’t help you! According to the LinkedIn statistics, a completed profile will be 7 times more viewed and those with profiles are 11 times more visited. Adding previous skills and positions will increase the popularity of your profile for additional 12 times!
Adding keywords that reflect your positions and your skills is mandatory. Don’t use too much of them, or they will have a counter effect! Simple checking Google Trends can help you get an idea about the most commonly Googled keywords related to your job.

Your skills are mandatory and they are something that can make a difference. Always add as many skills as you own and when you develop new ones, include them in your profile as well. Don’t forget about the job titles. Each one must be included.

Power of connections

After you have written a perfect profile, the time has come to start spreading your network. The main goal is to add, follow and interact with as many similar professionals as you possibly can. Communicate with them and cooperate. In essence, this simple point will help you develop a broad network that will directly connect you with possible employers.
A special point is a knowledge you must include. While interacting and creating conversations, make sure your knowledge should be on a high level. If you are proficient in your field of expertise, employees will quickly spot you.

Groups and sources

LinkedIn has millions of groups. They have been designed to create a mini-community of people with the same needs and skills. Becoming a member of as many groups as possible is recommended as well. Of course, you will have to interact and make contributions. They are used as your personal ads, meaning that employers will notice you.

Important: Don’t try to make a contribution unless you are certain it will be noticed. Once per day is usually enough.

The last but not least are the job sources. In essence, this is one of the main goals of having a LinkedIn profile. You will be directly linked to the potential employers and you will get a better idea about the needed jobs and demands in your field of expertise. Applying to all possible jobs is recommended as well.

One of the best pieces of advice is to use all of these points combined. Avoiding one or two will result in much lower success!

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