Of all the methods of social media, LinkedIn is the most obvious one for professionals who are looking for a job. You will need to use all of LinkedIn’s functions effectively in order to get the most of the network.

Ensure that you have a complete profile

It is essential that you complete all the fields in your profile accurately and ensure that everything is up to date. LinkedIn’s algorithms will promote profiles that are complete and make you more visible to recruiters and employers. Furthermore, it will make more jobs visible to you. There is an option on LinkedIn to say what you are looking for; make sure that you say you are looking for Career Opportunities.

Using LinkedIn to get a job

There is an area in LinkedIn that is dedicated to jobs; you should look here first of all for jobs. There is a link on the home page of the site. This will take you to the job sections and here you should search for the keywords of interest. For example, here you can search for PA or Secretary.

Joining LinkedIn Groups

Careers are listed in groups; you should ensure that you join the relevant groups for your career type. There are also likely to be forums, so raise your profile and join in the discussion. This will also show people that you know your stuff. Ask questions on there as well, it cannot hurt to make your profile known to other people in the industry.

Make Connections

Find other users with relevant interests, skills and experiences and then raise your profile. If you build connections, you will be making yourself more widely known in the industry. It also sends out positive messages about your level of commitment to your career.

Get endorsements

Connect with old colleagues and friends and ask them to endorse your skills and experience. This will show that you are well skilled.

Contribute to LinkedIn Discussions

This is a great way to meet new people and make connections. You also can use the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and knowledge to prospective employers.

Share any profile updates

This raises your profile to everyone in the LinkedIn community and demonstrates your new skills and accomplishments. This will illustrate your increased job readiness, due to the skill update.

Attend some events

There are always many events listed on LinkedIn. You should make sure that you find relevant events and attend them to do networking.

Messages and Contacting

Add your email address, so that you can be directly contacted.


These guidelines should assist your job search and you should not neglect them, when in a job. This is because you can be contacted about better jobs than your present role and it never hurts to widen your prospects.

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