For a small business with a limited amount of resources a VA is a perfect solution. VAs free resources. This will help to prioritise the most important tasks they need help with and budget accordingly.

It save’s costs in other areas

Sometimes people are put off from hiring a VA due to the potential costs involved. However in some cases, hiring a VA can actually save you money. Maybe you don’t have sufficient office space to hire a full time administrator. Therefore, you might be saving significantly on overheads by hiring a VA.

Perhaps, you might also find that a VA has experience or insight in an area which you yourself don’t, helping you run your business more effectively and allowing you to achieve a bigger ROI.

How to find an experienced Virtual Assistant

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and hire a VA. The next step is to find a suitably qualified prospective that can deal with the tasks you need help with. The best place to start looking for this individual is on freelance websites such as peopleperhour, elance and The beauty of these sites is that they often have very comprehensive rating systems..

Interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant

Perhaps after reading this article you might decide you want to become a VA yourself. If you have good administration skills and are adept at using the internet for work, then here are a whole host of opportunities out there. If you’re looking for a job that allows you to work from home, becoming a VA is perfect.

Before deciding on whether to become a VA, it’s always a good idea to look at what other VA’s are offering on some of the freelance sites mentioned above. You can then identify what skills you have that may be similar or even identify gaps in the market where you might be able to utilise qualities of your own. Once you’ve decided that this is definitely the right route for you, you can then look into taking a CPD accredited course to better your chances of finding work as a VA. To find out more visit