This is a question that I see many women asking and have also had to ask myself in the past. After a long break from work, it can be confusing to know where is the best place to start or restart your career. What are the pressures now, well they are very different? Virtual Assistant Careers are a great option for a working mum if you need some family time. This is not easily found in the modern workplace and family time is often forced to suffer.

Virtual Assistant Careers for a working mum

However, going self-employed or starting your own business could be options to consider. Many people in this position, who have previously had some experience of Administration work or being a PA have opted to train to become a Virtual Assistant. What is so appealing about becoming a Virtual Assistant?

Well, you get to be your own boss and that means that you can work from home, be with your family and call the shots. Naturally, if you want to be a success you will need to put in the hours, just like with normal jobs. However, you can certainly work a flexible schedule and you are always more accessible than at a desk in the middle of the city.

What is needed to be a VA?

You need some experience in Admin or as a PA, ideally. However, it is not set in stone what your work experience is, as long as you have good admin skills. You need good people skills to deal with your customers. You also need excellent organisational skills to carry out the VA job and ensure that you leave enough time to maintain and find clients. Finally, if you haven’t worked for a while it is worth updating your skills. So perhaps, take some Microsoft Office training and maybe complement with training or research in remote working systems.
You can opt to take a VA Course which will provide you with the necessary knowledge to set up a business, develop a means of marketing yourself, teach you how to deal with customers and look at working remotely effectively. If you feel that it is a while since you have done admin work and need a refresher, again you should opt for a suitable course.
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