A management assistant is a designation given to an individual who aids in undertaking managerial duties in the position of the manager, also referred to as an executive secretary. The said individual should be adequately acquitted with management and other prerequisite skills.

Management assistance requires that the individual meant to carry out the functions necessary to be experienced in managerial discipline, communication skills and other essential people skills. Being a successful graduate of a recognised learning institution of business administration also counts, and can also act as a basis for selecting an assistant manager.

An executive secretary is not limited to handling the duties of a manager. In some scenarios, the assistant manager can handle responsibilities for the president, CEO, or department heads within organisations. When the executive is in absentia, the individual hired as an assistant handles all the administrative functions. The functions can be of one senior executive or many top executives within the organisation.

What is a Management Assistant?

A management assistant of any high ranking executive should meet these requirements;

Multi-tasking and excellent organisational skills

Due to the amount of work available for an executive secretary, you should be able to handle different responsibilities at the same time with a level of professionalism. This means the number of mistakes must be as good as zero, plus there must be no room for misappropriation of responsibilities.

Timekeeping skills

When handling a large number of individuals within an organisation, a lot of time can be lost if the management doesn’t have excellent time management skills.

Leadership and management skills

The callings of an assistant manager may involve supervising lower-ranked staff in the organisation. Therefore, advanced levels of leadership and management skills are a requirement of a good executive secretary.

High or intermediate computer skills

Sending emails, record keeping and other managerial responsibilities require that the individual is competent in computer skills.

The management assistant carries out duties when the principal executive or manager is absent ensuring that the organisation runs smoothly. Responsibilities may extend beyond the comforts of the office. The functions may vary from one organisation to another. There are instances where the assistant may be required to book flights, reserve hotel rooms, organise parties among other non-executive duties. Just a few primary duties of an executive secretary are as follows;

  • Immediate supervision of staff.
  • The first line of discipline.
  • They help with staff evaluation.

Administrative backing

This includes preparing memos, emails, phone calls and other communication.

Extension of service may vary from corporation to corporation and depend on the personal needs of the senior executives. The tasks assigned to an executive secretary usually are dependent on what the manager is willing to pass over to the deputy.

The Bottom Line

It’s therefore right to say that, the responsibilities of an assistant may be more complicated and go beyond the primary clerical duties of an individual assisting another individual in an executive setting. A management assistant is therefore needed to be an exceptionally skilled person who is meticulous and entrant positively in a way to undertake duties delegated to them by an executive.

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