An Office Manager is a title given to an individual that runs the administration team and warrants that the office runs smoothly. Given that the administration team comprises of several individuals with a difference in ranking and qualifications, the Office Manager needs to possess advanced levels of administration and organisational skills.

Managing a fully functional office can prove to be such a hard task to an inexperienced person. Thus an Office Manager has to possess a full range of skills. Yes, this is to ensure that the operations in the office run smoothly with minimal or no hindrances. In a typical office-setting in the United Kingdom, you expect to find;

  • Office Secretaries – The primary duties of a secretary includes keeping of minutes, archiving, handling mailing lists and so on.
  • Office Receptionist – An office receptionist primary responsibility is to receive visitors that visit the office among other unspecified functions.
  • ICT Team – An ICT practitioner is very vital in a modern-day office in the UK. They make sure all levels of ICT in the office are taken care of. Of course, this includes making sure that networking is properly done. Majorly, they ensure proper connection within and without the office.
  • Office Design Team – Takes care of how the office looks or appears. All designs, branding and colour choice and other design related duties.
  • Treasury/Accountants – An accountant is the money officer in any office. They handle billings, balancing books and handling of cash or bankers checks where applicable.

The full cast office employees may grow, and responsibilities may pile up. Admittedly, this is where an office manager comes into play making sure that every function within and outside the office runs efficiently. Affirmative, this means that the role played by an office manager is vital to any business growth and development. With this having being said, the criteria for choosing the perfect manager for your office should be stringent.

Careful evaluation of the preferred office manager is one key to making sure that the office runs smoothly all-round the clock. All the staff in an office are essential in their line of duty, but a proper office manager gives your office the direction and purpose that you desire. The most considerable influence on the path that your office takes is highly dependent on the individual you choose to lead the office team.

The individual should have the necessary qualifications and training offered by different recognised institutes and colleges in the land. This means having a bachelor’s degree in any managerial line of study or relevant higher diploma in the same field. Second, one must be adequately experienced, preferably 2 to 4 years in managerial practice. This individual should have advanced leadership qualities, be organised appropriately, and can handle two or more tasks at the same time efficiently.

With these set of qualities, a manager should be able to carry out managerial duties within the office. Overseeing other managers in the office; representation of the office in public relations; monitoring and keeping tabs on the office’s finances, are some of the duties that a fully adept office manager should perform.

The management of staff in your office is a progressively hard task, and only competent managers should handle your office staff. Managing of the staff is divided into a web of categories;

  • Staff performance evaluation
  • The efficiency and effectiveness of staff
  • Team building

With a competent office manager who can handle the responsibilities listed above, effective time management in the office is possible among other advantages.