When it comes to travel and expense management, SAP Concur is one of the best platforms in the industry. Executive Assistants are responsible for managing travel and expenses. This means that EAs will know how difficult this process can be without the right tools. Therefore, you need to find out about new systems to keep up with the latest technology and not fall behind in the job market.

SAP Concur is a great tool to use to ensure your manager’s business travel and expense needs are taken care of in a timely manner. SAP Concur forms part of the SAP ERP System. Our previous post mentions how important ERP Systems are for Executive assistants now.  Keep reading to learn more about the SAP Concur platform and how it can help make your job easier.

SAP at a Glance

It offers a range of helpful solutions and features perfect for:

  • Streamlining the process of travel planning
  • Approvals and reimbursements
  • Auditing
  • Analysis
  • and much more

SAP Concur allows businesses to manage expenses and travel more effectively. As an Executive Assistant, learning about SAP Concur helps you to keep up with current technology, thus staying ahead of the competition.

Automate Your Workflow

SAP Concur completely facilitates the workflow of the travel process. From the approval of travel requests and the management of invoices to travel expense forms and reports, it provides visibility while allowing EAs to act quickly and decisively.

Expensing Made Easy

At its core, SAP Concur’s Expense software enables admins to effectively manage employee travel and related expenses, allowing companies to control their expenses better. With the power of an end-to-end system, it helps admins:

  • Monitor employee expenses by tracking their activities and purchase behaviours
  • Generate real-time expense reports
  • Automate employee reimbursement
  • Improve communication between finance and accounting.

Additionally, the tool enables admins to have total visibility of budgeting and cash flow, making the entire travel management process easier to monitor. With SAP Concur, the tedious task of approving and reimbursing employees is now automated.

The Benefits of SAP

The flexibility and power of the system allow admins to save time, reduce costs, and enhance visibility, ultimately allowing admins to keep up with the job market and remain ahead of the competition. Not only that, but the tool enables businesses to stay compliant and maintain excellent governance when it comes to corporate travel and expenses.

The time saved in booking travel and managing expenses enables admins to prioritise their workload better and use the time saved to grow their knowledge and expertise in their field. In addition, by keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in travel and expense management, admins can further their skillset and keep up with their peers.

What is SAP Concur used for?

This travel and expense management system is a powerful and reliable tool that enables admins to maximise their potential and maintain a competitive edge. It automates travel booking, reporting, and payment processing, enabling admins to gain control and manage travel-related activities with ease.

By allowing admins to keep up with the job market and utilise their expertise to the fullest, SAP Concur is the perfect tool for Admin professionals and Executive Assistants trying to navigate the travel and booking process seamlessly. Our PA Courses offer learners the ability to learn the principles of Travel and Expenses Management. Furthermore, many of our Diplomas and Qualifications include training in these areas.

If your company does not have SAP, there are many alternatives to SAP Concur. Therefore, Executive Assistants use various apps including TripIt, Coupa, Webexpenses and many more.