During the last few years, SharePoint has risen to be one of the most common software used in modern organisations. SharePoint is a part of Microsoft Office.  IT professionals describe it as a market-leading document management and collaboration solution. Executive Assistants need to be entirely comfortable with all types of office-based IT software. Therefore, we will break down what this cloud system is in reality.

Web-Based System

SharePoint is a web-based system similar to an intranet and content management system. Generally, SharePoint is used internally within an organisation. it enables employees to access their files and share files through a secure document management system. In essence, it is one of the most common systems that enable people to work remotely.

All sectors, small companies, and big companies can now use this system. It generally means any Executive Assistant in 2022 looking for a job will need to be comfortable with SharePoint’s functionality.

What is SharePoint used for?

One of this system’s primary purposes is to store documents in a more efficient format than a traditional folder system. It enables you to access, save and share your documents. Here is a list of some benefits of using SharePoint at your offices:

  • Share Documents with your team
  • Saves and access your documents from any location
  • Gain the ability to access your work and work remotely
  • Create one centralised filing system
  • Benefit from Microsoft security systems
  • Gain from Microsoft updates and take away the need to administer the updates
  • SharePoint can integrate with numerous systems
  • User-friendly system

Executive Assistants are often responsible for office filing systems and need to work with content management systems. This fact means that Executive Assistants must be confident and advanced users of SharePoint. The good news is that the system is easy to master and can be learnt very quickly. You can learn about training courses and Office 365 Courses at this Microsoft Certified Academy if you need some training. Our Microsoft Office Diploma for an Executive Assistant also includes courses in SharePoint and Office 365.