SharePoint is now one of the most popular ways organisations can share documents and files. Microsoft SharePoint’s features and benefits enable companies to collaborate online. This means that SharePoint is the backbone of companies filing and working remotely. The main benefit of using SharePoint online is that it enables organisations to coordinate remotely and lets different offices and home workers collaborate with their colleagues.  Therefore, Executive Assistants looking to improve their skills to work in a modern office should consider learning more about SharePoint. Many Executive Assistants are responsible for the filing systems in their area or broader office. This means that the average Executive Assistant in 2023 is bound to be using SharePoint in one form or another.  The good news is that it is user-friendly.

Cloud-Based System

Most experienced EAs would have worked with some file share system or intranet. SharePoint is a system that creates a safe and secure file management system. Microsoft handles security requirements, which is a real positive for offices looking to avoid issues with data management and data protection laws like GDPR. Anyone looking to use SharePoint should become familiar with SharePoint lists. They look similar to spreadsheets, but many companies use SharePoint lists as a database. Naturally, anything database-related will need to ensure you learn the key data protection laws.

Executive Assistants can work in all industries. Likewise, SharePoint is relevant for all industries, so do not be surprised to find SharePoint in any sector and country. The software licence is a part of Microsoft Office, and the licences are not expensive.

What is SharePoint useful for?

You will use SharePoint mainly to save, share and file documents. In particular, it enables people to collaborate and share documents without remote working colleagues. These features and benefits make SharePoint an ideal system for running Projects. Many organisations use SharePoint to track projects. The use of SharePoint has risen to significance due to the fast rise in remote working. Any Executive Assistant looking to change jobs may be confirmed with responsibilities for their company’s SharePoint system.

An Executive Assistant will often have always had responsibility for filing. Since SharePoint is the most common document management system, you may need to take on responsibilities for a site in SharePoint. You will likely have to use SharePoint for document control. This means that it will be helpful to ensure that you are comfortable as an advanced user of Sharepoint.

If you are feeling nervous about learning how to use SharePoint, do not worry. The system is easy to learn provided that you are computer literate. There are courses where you can learn to use SharePoint online as a file server. This is the most common, but more advanced training could teach you to use SharePoint as a web server or even an FTP server. This is for the more technical-minded. Most Executive Assistants will only need it for filing. You can learn about training courses and Office 365 Courses at this Microsoft Certified Academy if you need some training. Our Microsoft Office Diploma for an Executive Assistant also includes courses in SharePoint and Office 365.