Virtual Assistants offer a good set of administrative skills

Naturally, the most obvious answer is that a good VA will be able to offer an excellent set of Administrative skills to his or her clients. However, to elaborate on this, it is not enough to just be good at diary management and other key skills of a PA, albeit working for yourself at a remote location. You need to think with your sales and marketing cap on.

Broaden your skills to offer products that compliment a VA

What does a small business owner who often may be your client type require from a VA. Well naturally they have come to you for administrative support, but what would make you all the more attractive is when you can offer a wider and broader product range. A VA who can also act as your client’s bookkeeper would be so attractive to a small business owner. These are two functions, admin and bookkeeping, that the client is most likely to farm out to another bookkeeper or even VA. Another great skill is the ability to organise or project manage an event for your client. Promotions and events are often arranged by businesses and handled by a PA, in this case a VA will be able to step in.
A Successful Virtual Assistant

Your own business marketing

All too many good VAs, go out of business for one simple reason-they do not have enough time in the day to get their heads around new skills, like marketing their own business and handling all the sales that come with that. You need to address this issue before you get clients. Get a good website and social media presence to complement it, if you do this well it will attract customers. This investment is key to your long-term success, but be careful that you get it done well. Be sure that you get the right mix of internet and traditional means of marketing, as you may need to still drive sales in other ways. In particular, be sure to have listed with any public listings or agencies that are available for VAs.
The next difficult step is customer retention, for which you will need to dedicate a considerable amount of time. Always give an amount of time to develop relationships with your clients and  keep in touch with sporadic clients paying attention to how satisfied your clients are with you. To ensure that this does not fall by the wayside, schedule some time in your diary to look at this area. Find out more about training to be a VA at