One of the more lucrative new opportunities in the London job market today is that of an Executive Assistant. Receiving exciting remuneration and allowing experts to expand their industry experience, EAs is slowly, but surely becoming one of the most competitive positions for those seeking new career opportunities. But what are the exact type of qualifications to achieve a high earning position such as this one? Do you need to attend Executive Assistant Courses in London? Let’s discuss.

The Role of an Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant is often confused with Personal Assistant (or PA), but they are in fact quite different job positions. While the PA does have similar duties, an EA usually partakes into much more decision-making processes. In fact, to be a strong candidate, you will need strong admin and managerial soft skills, but also good HR knowledge, event and project management and far more.

The Job Search for the Executive Assistant

Due to the importance of an EA in a company, in the candidate selection process, most potential employers want to be certain in their choices. That’s why Executive Assistant Courses in London are becoming increasing popular.

The Fellow Membership of the IEAA(FIEAA)

In fact, due to the high competition in the scene, the membership of the IEAA have created different levels of accreditation and qualification one can receive based on their merits.

What type of Executive Assistant Courses in London do I have to attend?

With that in mind, if you want to increase your marketability and actually get a job in the sector, you will need to attend proper executive assistant courses in London. Usually, there are a lot of options you might have, but only a few of them are able to award you with certification that is generally accepted and that is evaluated against the IEAA levels.

What are the IEAA levels?

Those who seek executive assistant job positions should seek the highest level of the IEAA credibility certification. This is level 5, which will grant you qualification of a certified executive assistant and will award you with the Follow status or the FIEAA)

What will these courses teach me?

Of course, the Executive Assistant courses in London aren’t created just for the awarding of the status. Quite the opposite, in fact. They are created to help you out understand all the intricacies that you might tackle in your EA career. In fact, these courses often include a number of different subject matters and skill building exercises including ones for the duties outlined above, such as project and event management, HR and more.

Reach new Career Heights

There are multiple benefits of attending the executive assistant courses in London. First and foremost you will receive proper accreditation that is accepted from worldwide companies and specifically in London. Yet, you will also learn all the necessary skills that you will need in the job, while also increasing your professional network and while also gaining new hands-on experience in the job position. Learn more right here.